Newsflash: Cute Kitten Story Fails to Generate Anti-Obama Posts!

cute baby kitten just opening it's eyes

(cyberspace) Today, to the surprise of everyone on the Internet, an online story about a newborn kitten rescued from a well by an elderly ranching couple in Texas failed to produce any long rambling anti-Obama comments.

Fishington Cheesington was unable to find a single comparison of the kitten falling down the well to Obama’s failed economic policies. Nor were there any complaints that under Obamacare, anytime a pet fell down a well the American taxpayer would have to pay for it.

“I find it surprising that even a cute animal human-interest story would not generate hate-filled ignorant online commentary,” said Karl Kraktokevile, Professor Emeritus of Political Science from Columbia University. Usually you would expect random off-topic posts about socialism, new world order conspiracy theories and other Tea Party crack-pot stuff.”

“Even more surprising was the lack of thinly-veiled racist epithets thrown at the President, such as ‘Obumma’ ‘Obongo’ or ‘n1gg3r-in-chief'”

Nate Higgers  What more could you possibly expect from a n1gger president? Hope and Change? More like Dope and Chains. Seriously, America.....what were you thinking, electing an african into the White House....what did you think would be the outcome?

“Frankly, it’s inexplicable. I have a team of graduate students working on it and we should have a paper published at the next conference of the Political Science Society for Internet Idiocy.”

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  1. JohnnyPlankton says:

    I still think it looks like a Kenyan kitten, though. Isn’t the president a Kenyan/Socialist?

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