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Irony Abounds As Trump Labels U.S. “Laughingstock”

AMES, Iowa – Donald Trump, a man who reportedly has had more people openly point and laugh at his hair than there are grains of sand on the combined beaches of Planet Earth, told NBC News on Sunday that, “We … Continue reading

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Boston Priest Caught With Adult Hooker, Vatican Secretly Rejoices

August 6, Boston, MA – Vatican officials reportedly breathed a sigh of relief today when it was learned that Rev. Monsignor Arthur M. Coyle was arrested for paying an ADULT prostitute for sex in a car behind a cemetery. “My … Continue reading

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Reportedly Distraught That Interview With Bomber’s Cat No Longer Relevant

New York, NY – While publicly expressing joy over the capture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, journalism legend Wolf Blitzer is said to be “deeply disappointed” that his interview with the suspect’s cat Fluffy … Continue reading

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Homicidal Maniacs Rejoice As Senate Bends Over for NRA

Washington, DC – The criminally insane, end times religious fanatics and libertarians everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday as the Senate honored the wishes of pretty much no one and shot down a proposed law that would require … Continue reading

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Despite Salient Filibuster Point, Rand Paul Still Completely Berserk

In a rare display of sanity bordering on moral courage, Kentucky Senator and Tea Party loon Rand Paul began a talking filibuster that actually made sense – questioning whether it was OK for the U.S. government to kill Americans via … Continue reading

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