Drunk Frenchmen Cause Courthouse Security Scare

drunk guys in sombreros running down hallway

Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay! We'll break into your courthouse!

(San Antonio, Texas) Five Arab-looking guys caused a security alarm when they broke into the Bexar County Courthouse wearing sombreros.

The five men, later identified as French citizens visiting on visas, started running around and at one point grabbed a gavel and pretended to be judges.

Tortilla Machine

In the Middle Ages Torquemada had the rack. now the CIA has brought it back.

They were taken to an undisclosed country by private plane and subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques,” which included the “Mexican hot sauce torture,” putting tortilla chips under their toenails, and pulling their scrotums over their heads using a tortilla machine.

The Frenchmen were forced to admit they were responsible for the break-in and that Frenchmen were snotty and annoying in general.

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